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Where can I find the Best Wireless Trailer Lights? If so, congratulations! By visiting our website, you’ve saved yourself the trouble of reading thousands of reviews.

Don’t worry if you are having trouble finding a Wireless Trailer Lights that meets your needs among the wide array of options available today. The following is a comprehensive list of 10 well-known Wireless Trailer Lights for 2022. These words were compiled after countless research hours. Let’s continue!

Best Wireless Trailer Lights
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1AgriEyes 2Pcs Rechargeable Flashing Lights for Vehicles9.6Check Latest Price
2BA Products New! Towmate TM22G-7RV Green Limelight 22" Wireless Tow Light with 7 Way RV (Flat/Blade) Transmitter. Has LED Stop9.6Check Latest Price
3Agrieyes Wireless Trailer Lights Kit for Towing Truck9.4Check Latest Price
4Linkitom Magnetic LED Trailer Towing Light Kit9.4Check Latest Price
5Iball Digital Pro Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Rear View Camera9.4Check Latest Price
6Partsam Submersible 17" Clear Lens Red 23 LED Trailer Truck RV Stop Turn Tail Rear 3rd Brake Identification Light Bar (Pack of 1)9.4Check Latest Price
7Bully NV-5164 Wireless Trailer Red LED Light Kit with Magnetic Base for RV9Check Latest Price
8Blazer International C6304 LED Wireless Magnetic Trailer Towing Light Kit8.6Check Latest Price
9Oyviny Wireless Tow Lights Kit Magnetic Rechargeable Trailer Red LED Lights for Utility Trailer8.6Check Latest Price
10Auto Car Ceiling Roof Lights Magnetic Dome Light with Universal USB Rechargeable Wireless 10 LEDs for Interior and Exterior of Car8.6Check Latest Price

Table Of Content:

1. AgriEyes 2Pcs Rechargeable Flashing Lights for Vehicles

  • Easy to Install in Seconds】The portable vehicles flashing lights are wireless with 6 strong magnets (Driving Speed up to 60 mph, but will not fall off), easy to use and installs in seconds, can be installed anywhere you want to install on the car, such as on the roof, car body, tail, etc.
  • Excellent waterproof rating】The rechargeable strobe lights are manufactured with glue filling process to protect the PCB board and LEDs, coupled with advanced ultrasonic fusion technology to make the product connection edge thoroughly fused to achieve the best waterproof effect.
  • High quality】High brightness output, but with excellent housing to help better heat dissipation, extend the life of stobe lights to more than 50000 hours.
  • Longer-lasting power】With strong magnetic base, used on trucks, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, etc.
  • Low power, super brightness】Professional wiring design, efficient photoelectric energy conversion, power consumption reduced by 15%, brightness increased by 30%.

2. BA Products New! Towmate TM22G-7RV Green Limelight 22″ Wireless Tow Light with 7 Way RV (Flat/Blade) Transmitter. Has LED Stop

  • New! 22″ Long TM22G Green Limelight Wireless tow light with 7 way RV transmitter.
  • Up to 1000′ Range and 15 Hours between charges.
  • Durable PVC Housing
  • 90 lb. Magnetics
  • This Towmate ships with a 7 way RV transmitter (6 flats / blades around a single center pin)

3. Agrieyes Wireless Trailer Lights Kit for Towing Truck

  • EASY INSTALLATION -This wireless trailer light magnetic LED has a built-in battery and can be easily mounted on the left and right rear of a car’s metal, Powerful magnetic base grips tightly while driving (tested up to 60 mph, but won’t come off).
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN – Wireless trailer lights offering versatility in location and operation with no wiring restrictions, these trailer lights magnetic wireless light bars have a built-in antenna that provides a working range of over 100 feet (30.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE -Trailer towing Light come with 4 functions : rear position light, rear turn signal, brake light function, use magnet to adsorb the rear of the cargo truck emitting device for 4pin (TM3051foldable piug pvc amp) standard connector, plug into the cargo truck tail light connector socket can be.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY- The magnetic base is made of stronger ABS plastic, which provides great insulation, impact and shock resistance, weather resistance, waterproof IP67 design, strong fog permeability, dustproof and anti-corrosion, working temperature -20℃~65℃, can also work normally in bad weather conditions, service life up to 50,000 hours.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – The wireless taillight features a magnetic base that adheres to most metal surfaces, just plug the 7-pin transmitter into your 7-way connector and position the wireless LED tow light to mount on your vehicle, suitable for RVs, campers, boat trailers, utility trailers, trailers, farm equipment or Jet ski, etc.

4. Linkitom Magnetic LED Trailer Towing Light Kit

  • Trailer towing Light come with 5 functions, 7 Pin Plug and strong magnetic, suitable for USA standard 12V trailer, Caravan , Low loaders , Jet ski Boats Break downs etc.
  • Out light come with 5 functions: Rear Position, Direction Indicator, Brake, Reflector, Number plate light(Right light no license plate light), but not has the back up lights; Red brake lights and flashing orange Direction Indicator lights control by the separate circuit.
  • 5inch good tail light kit can use on any trailer; 24ft cable to light with a Standard 7 Pin Plug, fit for flat Pin Adapter, then 8ft cable to go across to the the next light.
  • IP68 Waterproof and Submersible: All sealed, which means that water will not damage the diodes or circuit board, excellent tightness makes it be definitely waterproof and submersible.
  • Comes with 2 strong magnetic on the lights for quick and easy fitting an removal of the light.

5. Iball Digital Pro Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Rear View Camera

6. Partsam Submersible 17″ Clear Lens Red 23 LED Trailer Truck RV Stop Turn Tail Rear 3rd Brake Identification Light Bar (Pack of 1)

  • Package includes 1 Piece 17 Inch Red Led Trailer Tail Light Bar Clear Lens;
  • Each 17″ trailer led light bar has 23 Super Bright Diodes for a Bright Performance, used for heavy duty trucks, semi trailers, cargo trailers, boat trailers, work vehicles and a wide or narrow overland vehicle requiring quality rated lighting;.
  • Dimension of this cargo trailer light: 17.
  • This red led light bar is hardwired with 3 wires: White is ground, red is high brightness for stop light/turn signal light/brake light and black is low brightness as tail light or running light;.
  • Warranty: We truly offer 1 year warranty for this 17 inch trailer center lights! If you have any questions or issues about our partsam led lights, Please feel free to us and we will reply in 24 hours;.

7. Bully NV-5164 Wireless Trailer Red LED Light Kit with Magnetic Base for RV

  • Tow Trailer Lights: these lights are designed to boost road safety.
  • Special Features: these tow trailer lights have a magnetic base that helps the light to easily stick to most metal surfaces.
  • Easy Installation: the magnetic trailer towing lights are equipped with an antenna that ensures a quick set up.
  • Applications: such trailer tow hitch lights are typically used for RVs and campers, apart from boat trailers, and for tow truck safety lighting.
  • Specifications: wireless tow LED lights are equipped with an antenna with 100 ft.

8. Blazer International C6304 LED Wireless Magnetic Trailer Towing Light Kit

  • Includes (2) stop/tail/turn LED lights, transmitter with standard 4-flat wire vehicle trailer light connector and trilingual instructions.
  • Provides over 65′ of wireless operation and DOT compliant stop, turn, and tail functions for your trailer or towed vehicle.
  • Features a low battery indicator in one light (Requires (8) AA batteries, not included)
  • Non-scratch, heavy-duty magnetic base for secure mount
  • Sonically sealed polycarbonate lens eliminates moisture and corrosion

9. Oyviny Wireless Tow Lights Kit Magnetic Rechargeable Trailer Red LED Lights for Utility Trailer

  • Wireless Tow Lights.
  • Powerful Magnetic Base.
  • Upgrade Utility Trailer Lights.
  • Rechargeable Trailer Lights.
  • Wide Application.

10. Auto Car Ceiling Roof Lights Magnetic Dome Light with Universal USB Rechargeable Wireless 10 LEDs for Interior and Exterior of Car

  • No Damage Installation]:Magnetic absorbing without damage & double sided adhesive tape fixing.
  • Easy Using]:Easy use by short pressing to turn on/off light with sensitive touch control, the light will instantly lit up/down.
  • Stable]Stable and firm installation to prevent bumping
  • USB Charging] : Low power consumption and long life spans.
  • Multiple Purpose]: Universal for all car models & wide compatibility; Suitable for various vehicles, like Car, Boat,Van, Truck, Trailer , Motorhome .

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Top 10 Best Wireless Trailer Lights Reviews For You In this article we’ve included our suggestions for the Wireless Trailer Lights after analyzing 39495 reviews.

Top 10 Best Wireless Trailer Lights Reviews For You In this article we’ve included our suggestions for the Wireless Trailer Lights after analyzing 39495 reviews.

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